Old Road, New Horse Star Base 71, Command Module Current
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Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr entered the Admiral's office. Daisy saw a middle aged woman with grey hair and recongnized her as Rear Admiral Parker. To Parker's left was a large framed man, the commander of the fleet's marine division, Brigadier General Barlow. Both were sitting around Parker's desk.

"You wanted to see me Admiral?" The half Klingon woman asked respectfully.

"Hello Colonel Rohr." Parker cheerfully greeted Daisy. "Please have a seat."

As Daisy found her seat Barlow continued. "So Colonel Rohr, Captain Mendoza gave you impressive marks in your fitness report. Admiral Parker and I have decided you have earned your own command."

Daisy was elated but also a little cautious as she had yet to hear what unit she would be commanding. "It would be an honor." Daisy replied. "Which battalion would I command, General?"

"Your not going to be commanding a battalion. You'll be in command of a ship." Barlow replied with some amusement, anticipating Daisy's reaction.

"A ship?" Daisy was genuinely surprised. "Are you sure?" Daisy asked but immediately wanted to explain herself. "I mean I'm honored and will take the position but I'm not a bridge officer, I'm a marine officer."

"You were the first officer aboard the USS Tobruk." Parker chimed in. "You also commanded a Vorcha class ship during your short time with the KDF. Given that command feels your qualified to command a ship."

"Also, the ship you are going to command has isn't your typical exploration type of vessel." Barlow continued. He then brought up a display screen. "This is the USS Argonne, she is an Akira class cruiser. Her mission, and yours, is to provide direct ground support operations for marine landing forces."

"Is that why you chose me?" Daisy asked. "Because I'm a marine officer?"

"Yes." Parker answered. "You have a special set of skills and experience both as a marine officer and as ship's command officer."

Daisy smiled. "Where is the Argonne?" She asked.

"She is just out of the shipyards and docked at McKinley Station. She is a new ship. Your slated on a shuttle tomorrow at 0600 to fly out to her. He assumed you would take the command so we booked a shuttle for you." Parker smiled.

"Yes, Admiral. Thank you." Daisy smiled back.

"So unless you have any other questions?" Barlow asked.

"No General, thank you." Daisy replied.

"Your dismissed Colonel. Good luck and get to your ship." Parker told her.

A Minor Reunion USS Argonne Current
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Daisy returned to her desk. "Coffee, black." She ordered from the replicator before sitting down. It had been a long day. More and more personnel were coming aboard and the Argonne was close to leaving the docks.

Daisy stretched out in her seat. She then picked up her PADD and started to scroll over the new personnel files. She stopped suddenly as a name caught her eye. She stared at the file or a moment. She then put the PADD on her desk as she flew out of her ready room. She made her way through the turbo lift to main engineering.

As Daisy entered engineering she saw a few tech and dock workers making routine checks on some of the systems. She then spotted a beautiful woman looking at an engineering display.

"Christina!" Daisy called out, waving to the woman as she caught her attention.

Christina turned around, seeing the woman she had been in love with for years, and made her way over to her. Since there were only a few people around, and no one looking at them, Christina smiled and planted a kiss on Daisy's soft lips. "Hello my love." Christina said, as the kiss ended. "I'm glad you came down. But I was going to come up to see you in a few minutes." She said, with the cute smile that Daisy loved.

"I was surprised you are assigned to this ship." Daisy smiled back. "How are things?"

"Better, now I'm here. Had to call in all my favours to get assigned to this ship, but it was worth it." Christina said, holding Daisy's hand. "It is okay that I did that? I tired of being away from you."

"If that's what you wanted, this ship has a dangerous mission. Plus it's full of marines and you know what type of people marines are?" Daisy joked with Christina.

"I should do. I fell in love with the toughest marine I ever did meet." Christina replied, with a sly grin.

Daisy tried to put on a stern demeanor but Christina's words made her blush. "Okay, well let's get dinner at the station before we leave?"

"Sounds like a good plan to me. I brought some wine with me, several bottles of Merlot. And some Klingon food, including some fresh Gagh." Christina said, as she walked out of Engineering with Daisy.

"Where did you get fresh Gagh?" Daisy asked. "How are you keeping it alive?"

"Contact on Earth, Engineering Corps. And I was able to acquire a stasis container to keep it alive." Christina replied.

Daisy's eyebrows raised. "I should never underestimate your ability to get things done. You always seem to amaze me."

"That's why I wanted to be here. You deserve the best of the best." Christina said, with a grin. "I haven't had myself assigned quarters yet. I didn't want to assume you'd want me living with you, of course."

"I want you assigned your own quarters. I still want you living in my quarters full time. It is just that sometimes a ship captain's life can be hectic. I want you to have a place of refuge if things get too stressful." Daisy explained.

"Honestly? If things get stressful Daisy, I'll be right by your side." Christina said. She stopped and faced her. "I know you think you need to do everything on your own, being the Captain, but I've never stopped being by your side. I don't intend to start now." She said.

"I know CJ." Daisy smiled widely. "I still want the quartermaster to assign you quarters, even if you never use them. As a department head your entitled to them."

"Alright, I could always use them as a lab." Christina replied, with a grin. "Just remember sweet cheeks, you and your sweet ass are stuck with me, forever. I love you."

"I love you too." Daisy replied. "I need to get back to work. Will you be free by 2000 hours?"

"I'll have dinner ready by then." Christina said. "What would you like for dinner?"

"I would like us to go out and have a diner on the station's promenade. Let's have some one else do the cooking tonight." She replied.

Christina smiled, looking at her. "Alright, we'll have a dinner date. Good thing I brought that low cut red dress you brought for me." Christina teased. "And if you're very good, or very naughty, I might have to wear something special underneath it for your eyes only." She said, running a finger across her lips teasingly.

Daisy slowly digested Christina's words. Daisy forgot she even had civilian clothes with her, much less thought about wearing them. Daisy planned to go in her duty uniform. Christina was right though, better change into something fun and sexy instead of military. Now she just needed to figure out what clothes she had in her quarters. "That will be lovely." Daisy replied.

"Good." Christina said, smiling at Daisy. She grabbed the woman's ass, and squeezed it. "Gods, you are so gorgeous." She said, glad to be back with her. "I would have done anything to get here with you. Besides, next week's our anniversary, so I wanted to do something special for you, especially after everything you've done for me in my life."

"Alright, I'll meet you in the transporter room at 2000 hours." Daisy smiled.

"Good." Christina said, walking down the corridor, wriggling her ass at Daisy and blowing her a kiss.
Putting your worst foot forward USS Argonne Current
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Private Vadala kept to herself as the loaded Arrow class runabout made its way to the Argonne. She was a stranger among these peoples and her home was now destroyed. She joined the Star Fleet Marines as a matter of survival more than anything. Whether or not this society excepted her she did not care.

"Hey ugly." A marine named Mott shouted at her. "Why did you join the marines?" He asked.

Vadala ignored him. That just irritated Mott. "I know the universal translators are on so I know you understand me. Answer my question. Why did you join Star Fleet Marines?"

Vadala looked at Mott. "I understood your query. I found it insulting so I am ignoring it."

Mott got up from his seat and moved towards Vadala. "I don't like you." He told her. "I don't like your mouth."

Gunnery Sergeant Hobbs, who was trying to do work on her PADD, took notice. "Private Mott, this transport is still in flight. Get back in your seat."

Mott ignored Hobbs. "I can't forget your horrible face. I just want a name to go with it."

Vadala snarled. Before she could react Hobbs spoke up. "Private Mott, in your seat now Marine."

Mott sheepishly moved back to his seat. Next to Mott Corporal Easton leaned over. "That Hobbs is a toothless old crone. She's all bark and no bite."

"She put Mott in his place." Lance Corporal Amlari smiled at Easton. "And she is more of a leader than you'll ever be."

"Your a stupid fool Amlari." Easton shot back. "Your so stupid just getting your boots on correctly in the morning is a small victory."

"I don't care about the old bitch and I don't care about that blue slut." Mott barked. "That Reman girl disrespected me."

"Don't get mad Mott, get even." Easton coolly told him.

"Why don't you just leave her alone?" Werner, who had been uncharacteristically quiet so far, spoke up.

"Who asked for your opinion Werner?" Easton snapped back.

"Nobody asked me nothing." Werner replied. "I'm just thinking your making a lot more trouble than you need."

"Shut your face." Mott angrily told Werner. "Just because your big doesn't mean anyone is afraid of you."

"Not trying to start a fight here. I'm just thinking that you don't know anything about her. Why not just leave her alone?" Werner asked.

"Your not my daddy. You don't tell me what to do." Mott replied. He the stood up and went over to Vadala. "You just started the wrong war Ugly."

"Your breaking several safety protocols. Return to your seat." Vadala replied.

"You gonna make me?" Mott challenged Vadala.

"In your seat now Mott or I'll have you thrown in the brig!" Hobbs shouted at Mott.

It was then that Easton got up out of his seat and started unlocking the mag clamps that held down the cargo containers.

"What the hell are you doing Easton? Stop that now and get to your seat!" Hobbs shouted. Easton ignored her and kept working.

In the front of the runabout Warrant Officer Cavanaugh was piloting the craft. "This is runabout Arica to Argonne. Asking permission to land."

A Caitian's voice came over the comm. "Permission granted Arica. Welcome aboard."

Cavanaugh carefully maneuvered the large Arrow class vessel into the tight hangar bay. It was her first time flying an arrow class and she was a little nervous.

Meanwhile Mott continued to harass Vadala. "Your nothing here. Nobody wants you here. You should just quiet and go back to where you came from."

Vadala was angered that this brute in front of her casually mentioned her destroyed home. "I am from the planet of Remas. Even the most thick headed dolt knows that. Yet that fact has escaped your limited intellect."

It took a moment for Mott to realize he had been insulted. When he did his face lit up in a rage. "You alien bitch!" He shouted as he started to beat on Vadala.

"Damn it Mott!" Hobbs shouted as she burst from her seat towards the enraged marine.

Before she could Werner was already there. He picked up Mott and flung him away. The flying Mott barely missed Hobbs and instead landed on Cavanaugh. Having two hundred pounds of marine suddenly land on her ruined the pilots concentration. The Arica turned sideways, crashing into the wall of the hanger and the smaller shuttle Greenbriar. The heavy metal cargo boxes Easton had unlocked now were spilling all over the cabin.

As the klaxons were screaming and red lights flashing there were several moans in the runabouts cabin.
Out of the box USS Argonne, Bridge Current
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Daisy put her bat'leth up against the wall behind her desk. She looked at it proudly for a moment. She then started to light a few candles in her office. Outside some techs were still running tests and making last minute corrections to the ship. Only a few of the crew had arrived. This was probably the only time Daisy would have a chance to sit in her ready room and relax.

"Computer: Reduce lighting totally," Daisy ordered and the lights slowly dimmed off, leaving the room illuminated by candlelight.

Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson MD arrived on the bridge, her uniform was brand new and she felt overworked and tired. She was also wearing the lab jacket over her standard duty uniform. She looked around at the USS Argonne's bridge as a gentle smile graced her lips.

A young Lieutenant regarded her. "Can I help you, El-Tee?"

"Is the skipper around?" the tall female inquired.

"I believe she's in the ready room, right over there."

"Thanks, El Tee," Wilson answered in a gentle tone of voice, as he moved off, she turned and went over to the ready room door.
With a soft sigh, Wilson tapped the door chime as she had no idea of what to expect. It seemed that every skipper she ever had was different and it was coming across like this would be no different.

Daisy sat up straight. She wasn't expecting anyone today. "Computer: Bring lights back up to full." She ordered. "Enter!" She yelled.

The door opened and in walked Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson. "Captain." Wilson greeted the other woman. "Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson reporting for duty sir." she added after she came to attention.

"You must be our CMO?" Daisy asked. "I'm Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr. Glad to meet you. Please relax and have a seat." She offered.

Wilson nodded. "I am, yes," she responded as she slid her slender form into one of the chairs. "I'm Sorry sir, I don't often see Marines commanding Starfleet ships, it's a little unusual." Wilson paused a moment. "But then I suspect that this ship will be a little unusual."

"First, you don't have to call me sir. You can call me Daisy. And yes, the Argonne is a bit different. We are a rapid response ship with a large detachment of marines. That's why I'm the captain. I do have experience as a bridge officer though so this isn't totally new to me." Daisy told Wilson.

"Oh." Wilson paused. "I'll admit, I was not sure of what to expect with a Marine in command of a Starship. It's a little strange."

"It is a little unorthodox, I agree. That said, the primary role of this ship is to support marine operations and as a marine officer I know what the marines are going to need support wise." Daisy replied.

Wilson raised an eyebrow. "Well, this assignment just became a whole lot more interesting." She responded as the tall female regarded the part Klingon female before her. "Still. Do you have any special requests of me, keep the extra special children out from under your skin and whatnot?" before Wilson smiled.

"Not yet, Doctor. As there aren't many high ranking officers aboard, odds are you are going to be the second officer." Daisy told Wilson.

Wilson raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'll go with bad and plan accordingly." Wilson suddenly grinned at the other woman. "Or maybe I'm just being cynical. I'm good with this... Anyway, the crew physicals are coming along well and by the time we leave the dock, I should have poked and prodded everyone. I love my job."

"And your job is important. If any of the marines give you or your staff any issues, let me know please." Daisy told her.

"I will do that," Wilson answered with a smile. "Do you require anything special of me Daisy?, special regs and special requests and the like."

"No, not yet anyway." Daisy smiled back. "It's good to have you aboard."
Sorting Out The Mess USS Argonne, Captain's ready room Current
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Cavanaugh chimed the door to the Captain's ready room. "enter" came a voice from the other side. Cavanaugh drew in a deep breath to control her anxiety as she entered the office.

"Warrant Officer Cavanaugh reporting Captain." She stated formally to Rohr.

"Hello Mr. Cavanaugh. Please relax." Daisy told her. Bridget smiled a bit but her posture remained stiff.

"I'm sure you know why you're here?" Daisy asked. Bridget nodded but said nothing. "Okay, in your own words, please tell me what happened." Daisy requested.

Bridget took in another deep breath and was a bit nervous looking as she answered. "I was attempting to land the runabout. There was some shouting in the cabin. I ignored it as I was trying to land the runabout. That's when one of the marines hit me from behind. I lost control of the runabout just for a second but we where already in the shuttle bay so there was no room for error. I crashed the shuttle." Bridget stated as her eyes were starring at the deck and not looking at Daisy.

"Captain," Bridget nervously continued, "With all due respect I'm not sure what the marines told you. I do have concerns they will try and protect their own though. With all due respect, you being a marine and all."

Daisy nodded. "Thank you for bring up your concern." She replied coolly. "I appreciate that you were honest even though that may have influenced me negatively." Daisy told Bridget.

"That said, I've talked to the marine NCOs on board the runabout. They all more or less give me the same story." Daisy informed Bridget.

"Does that mean I'm cleared and you won't seek charges against me?"

"Here is the crux, this accident happened when we are in port. If this happened out in space, it would be my call and I would clear you. As it is, all I can do is send in a report with my recommendations. The Port Master will decide." Daisy explained.

"How long will the process take?" Bridget asked.

"I don't know. We will find out when star base command is ready to tell us." She replied.

"Am I still assigned to the runabouts?" Bridget asked.

"No." Daisy curtly replied.

"What! So I'm grounded?" Bridget asked, obviously a little upset.

"No, your not grounded. Your just being reassigned to the bridge. Right now we don't have a helmsman. I need someone to to fly the ship." Daisy explained.

That news calmed Bridget down a bit. "Captain, with all due respect and I understand that piloting the ship is an honor, I would rather fly runabouts."

"I understand Mr. Cavanaugh. Your opinions are noted. However, right now I need a helmsman and your the most qualified. When we are assigned a proper flight control officer you will be reassigned to the hangar bay. Until that happens, your flying the Argonne. Dismissed."

Sharing A Ride Starbase 14 Current
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The star base's shuttle bay was cavernous. Everywhere various small craft where coming in and landing. Crews and passengers moved about the place, loading cargo and climbing onto the craft that was lined up in several rows. Painted lines marked off where shuttles where to be parked and course ways where people could walk. A small line of people, mostly in uniform, walked between the spacecraft in the walkways.

A young officer looked at his PADD. "Where is Stall #42?" He asked at loud in frustration.

An enlisted man that was moving along with traffic spoke up. "It's at the end, Commander." He told the officer.

"Thanks, have you been there before?" The officer asked.

"No, but I have been in enough shuttle bays to know how they're laid out. I'm going #42 myself." The NCO answered.

"Really? Are you assigned to the Argonne?" The officer asked.

"Yeah, what about you Commander?"

"I hope so. I've been assigned to the Argonne as the new Executive Officer." The young man smiled at the NCO. "Lieutenant Commander Stonne." He extended his hand to the older NCO.

"Chief Petty Officer Devlin, I'm the senior enlisted in Tactical." He replied as he shook Stonne's hand.

The two men were oblivious to the young woman following both of them.

Phobos found herself following two people she didn't know, she opted to keep her silence as she adjusted her duffel over her right shoulder as she brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes.

The small group reached Stall #42. Parked there was an Arrow class runabout. Several dozen marines were loading the cargo area.

"This can't be right. Those are marines loading." Devlin stated.

"Haven't you heard the scuttlebutt?" Stonne asked. "The Argonne is a marine landing ship. We even have a marine commander."

"No way," Devlin replied skeptically.

"Yes, way. A Lieutenant Colonel Saar. I don't know anything about him, except his rank and that he is a marine." Stonne told Devlin.

"Great, we have a trigger happy testosterone rage case in charge of a starship," Devlin replied.

Phobos took that moment to pipe up. "Cheer up boys. It could be worse... For you, its just testosterone but for me, its all the Marines will want a piece of me." she commented. "Testosterone and women tend to not mix all that well."

"Are you coming with us to the Argonne?" Stonne asked Phobos.

Phobos nodded her head. "I am," she answered. "We just need our pilot now."

A warrant officer approached the trio. "Commander, Lieutenant, Chief." He greeted them. "That's your ride out to the Argonne. Lieutenant Phobos, you're going to pilot the runabout out there."

Phobos nodded her head, this was unexpected but she was not going to protest either. "Sounds good to me warrant," she answered. "Is there anything special about our ride I should know... Like marines and the like?" the young woman inquired. "I tend to be allergic to them."

"Yeah, I'm not a fan of boarding and sitting next to grunts," Devlin added.

"It's an Arrow class runabout and you have to land it on a small carrier deck. There is only one pilot assigned to the Argonne right now and she has her qualifications suspended right now due to an accident. She tried to land another Arrow class runabout on the ship." The warrant officer told her. "As to your seating arrangements, the marines will be in the passenger hold, you three should be in the front with the controls."

"Excuse me Chief, I am also a shuttlecraft pilot. Why wasn't I assigned as the pilot?" Stonne asked.

"You don't have enough stick time, Commander." The warrant officer evenly replied. "First this is a full-scale runabout and second the craft needs to be landed on a small platform. Lieutenant Phobos is the only one out of your lot who is qualified."

Phobos quickly glanced at the personnel gathered. "I can handle it," she said as if to silence the argument that was brewing. "Wait, there was an accident on the Argonne?" she inquired. "What happened?" she almost demanded, suddenly all business.

"The accident is still under investigation. From what I have heard, a runabout crashed into the interior wall of the hangar bay and into a shuttle. The repair techs tell me that the damage was minimal and no casualties were sent to the starbase. All those hurt were treated in the ship's sickbay. Again, that's just from the local rumor mill so take it for what it's worth." The man replied.

"Okay," Phobos answered. "Okay, so are we all ready to go?" she inquired. "Warrant, walk with me as I do my exterior check. I want to make sure there are no issues... Its been awhile since I've flown anything."

"Of course." The warrant officer replied. "Keep in mind, with the recent accident the hangar crews have been extra vigilant. Although, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes have a look."

Phobos nodded, that was sound advice at any time really. "Do you have a tricorder I can use for this?" the young female inquired. "It would make life easier," she added.

"Here ya go, Lieutenant." The man handed Phobos his tricorder. "It's already set to maintenance mode."

Phobos accepted the tricorder, she checked it to make sure and with that, she went to work. Coming back to the other man a moment later, "The shuttle is good, I can get going anytime." she commented.

"Your free to go whenever you are ready Lieutenant." He replied.

"Thank you." and with that, she boarded her shuttle. "You guys ready to go?" she asked of the other occupants who were already seated and clearly wanted to get going to the Argonne. Phobos slid her slender form into the pilot's chair as she began the preflight checks.

Stonne was in the co pilot's seat next to Phobos. "Ready when you are, Lieutenant."

Phobos nodded her head. She turned her head before she closed the aft hatch, her delicate looking fingers moving over the display. "Alright, lets get this crate underway." as she tapped the display once. "Tower, this is stall forty-two with Runabout One Alpha Seven Quebec, requesting permission to depart?" she inquired. "Also what's the state of the Argonne?"

"She is still in port, waiting for the rest of her crew. From what I've heard, our captain is a lieutenant colonel." Stonne told Phobos.

Devlin looked a bit surprised at Stonne's information. "Is that even possible?"

Phobos nodded, taking the information in. "Alright, we're ready for flight." she turned her head. "Could one of you fine handsome men ask those marines in the back if they are ready for flight?" as she grinned at both men. She got her answer back within a few moments and with that, they were off.
How Can This Happen In Port? USS Argonne Current
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Daisy Rohr was working at her desk when the red alert klaxons started to cry out. "We are still in port. How can we have a red alert?" She asked herself as she left her ready room.

"What the hell is going on?" She asked the officer on duty.

"I'll patch you through to the control tower." The young Tellarite on duty replied.

A female Caitian's voice came over the comm. "We have a shuttle crash in the main hangar. We are still evaluating damages and casualties."

"Notify sickbay and engineering. They may find themselves busy." Daisy ordered the duty officer.

"Aye Captain." The Tellarite replied. "Bridge to sickbay: There has been a crash in the hangar. We may have possible casualties."

A female voice came back. "Understood, we'll be ready for anything."

"Bridge to engineering: There has been a shuttle crash in the hangar. If you have not already done so please dispatch damage control teams."
There are Days When I Hate Everything Sickbay - USS Argonne 0900Hrs - August 15th, 2393
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A voice came over the com system. "Bridge to Sickbay... There has been a crash in the hangar. We may have possible casualties."

"Understood, we'll be ready for anything." Wilson didn't even think about the matter that now lay before her. The tall female hefted the PADD that one of her aides had just handed her. "Schei├če, hier gehen wir wieder." the tall female muttered under her breathe. The computer system present, however, had other ideas and proceeded to say loudly to everyone present, what it was that Yamaguchi had said. "Shit, here we go again."

There were a few snickers as people missed what Wilson had said while Wilson closed her eyes a moment, as she felt the burning sting of the computers humiliation on her. "Alright guys, we got incoming wounded, lots of em, lets square this place away quick," she commented to her guys. Braelynn was not the type to lose her temper or raising her voice, she also took care to ensure her people knew all of this as well.

Wilson opened her medkit to inspect the contents, mostly to ensure she had everything that she knew she would need for the effort to come as she knew that what was coming would be fascinating in various ways, she sucked in a long lungful of air as the transporter system deposited six officers and crew in various states onto the various beds, the medical staff, despite the fact that they were all new and had never worked together, went to work with the grace of a group of seasoned professionals.

Wilson smiled down at the wounded man who lay on the bed before her, he had the look of a Marine, he had the squared away haircut and the almost perfect muscular physique that the marines were demanding about, by the look of him. "It's okay, I'm here to help you," Wilson said, her dulcet accent was soothing to most or so she had been told

The man nodded but he didn't say anything which was a nice surprise to Wilson, he had been expecting him to paw her or say something rude to her about her looks or her body. He sighed. "What... What happened... Do I still in one piece Doc?" the man asked with a groan.

"Yesh, you're still in one piece... Nothing was removed." Wilson opened her tricorder and quickly went to work on the man's injuries. Within a few minutes, she had finished tending to the man and he had been sent to post-op for cleanup and eventual discharge from sickbay. Wilson looked around for another wounded person to work on before she settled on another marine.

An hour or so later, she was finished, along with all of her other medics and the like. Wilson sighed as she stretched out her arms above her head. "Alright guys and gals, nice work everyone... Those who don't need to be here, go home and go take care of what you need to tend to, getting your quarters into shape, your kids into the ship's school and the like." Wilson then half-smiled as almost three-quarters of the gathered personel all began to fade away as they returned to the events they had been taking care of before the alert had canceled everything else and had called them into work. "Alright, everyone else, lets square this place away and clean up. I will take care of the inventory and I want one nurse to help me, the rest of you, clean this place up..." she paused. "Let's go to work people." as she retreated into the nearby storeroom.
There Are Days When I Hate Them All Engineering - USS Argonne 0910Hrs - August 15th, 2393
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Lieutenant JG Tienn Halar sometimes loved her work, she was often looking for something heavy to move and something heavy to do. She was often the type who could be found working with sheet metal or doing some welding assignment somewhere, she was not what many would consider overly intelligent and she wasn't very subtle either. The Bajoran knew she was a looker, as were many of the women in her rather sizeable family. Today would be the final series of checks before the Argonne could even remotely consider leaving the yard for her trials, let alone enter service for any length of time.

One of the Engineering techs rushed over to her. "Sir. I want your opinion on this." as he thrust a PADD into her hands, she almost dropped it as in his zest to hand it to her, he almost dropped it on her. "Easy Teddy," she commented before she looked at the PADD and the information contained within. "Teddy, who told you this was good?" she inquired. "You take it back to whoever gave you this and tell them they need to get this mixture above ninety-eight percent or we'll never leave orbit."

"Umm... Yessir." the man answered as she handed him back the PADD. Tienn sighed softly as the red alert klaxons started to cry out. "Wait... we're still in the dockyard... How do we have a red alert?" the shorter then average Bajkoran asked aloud as a rhetorical question.

She turned her head upon being told to gather some engineers and head down to the hanger to look into the mess and see what could be done with it. Tienn nodded. "Right away Chief." and with that, she gathered her kit, out the door she went and into a turbolift. Tienn tapped her combadge. "Tienn to Damage Control Team Beta. All you guys, meet me in the main hanger in two minutes... Let's go sort this mess out."

Tienn waited in silence, the doors opened suddenly and she moved out of the lift and then down the hall towards her destination. the sirens wailed at her as the hallway lights flashed red, indicating the ship's alert status. Tienn walked out into the hanger here she found most of her guys had already arrived, and the last two arrived right as she did. "Alright, guys. Let's find out what happened and why... and clean this mess up at the same time," she commented loudly, over the sounds of the wreckage spitting out sparks and the damaged section of the hanger bay wall.

The team went into action as Tienn slowly picked her way into the wreckage of the runabout, where she found several wounded, so she decided to simply beam the lot to sickbay almost all at once. One of the other Engineers came over to her as she secured the last of the wounded. "El-Tee, we can recycle the wreckage we don't need or want and simply clear the place away... I reckon the security system will have recorded what happened aboard the runabout.,"

Tienn nodded. "Proceed, we need the space," she commented. "Let's get on with it guys, break out the anti-grav platforms and let's get started."

Thirty minutes or so later, the Bajoran smiled as she placed the last hunk of wreckage onto the transporter pad which also doubled as the large replicator for this hanger bay. "Nice work guys," she commented, a smile on her lips. "How long before we can start to replace that gash in the wall?"

"Once we find out what's behind it, we can replace and redo." one of the enlisted men answered her question. "The only thing is... When will we know what's behind there?"

Tienn paused. "I'll handle that matter, you guys carry on with repairs to the two shuttles and the Runabout," she explained. "I will start the wall damage, once Operations gets back to me on the subject."

"Yessir." the man answered as Tienn moved off, heading for the damaged bulkhead wall.
Unknown and Unmourned. Various Locations - Earth Spacedock 1400Hrs - August 15th, 2393
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The space outside Earth Spacedock was a truly majestic sight as several ships of various types from tugs, hauling massive sections of hull plating to any of the half dozen skeletal drydocks in upper Earth orbit to four shuttles and several groups of Starfighters, four per group as normal procedure as Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson smiled as she regarded the human wearing a black robe with the traditional garb of a priest.

"Lieutenant. You requested my presence?" the human woman inquired of Wilson.

"I hope you don't mind that we're meeting here as we can look out over the infinite horizon of space," Wilson commented evenly. "I sometimes find my faith undergoing judgment..." she paused. "I know you guys sometimes prefer the quiet and the dark."

"the clergy specializes in private conversations in small quiet places. I'm afraid there aren't many priests in this sector of space.....or any sector to tell the uncomfortable truth. We're something of a vanishing breed out here." the Human woman responded with a soft smile, this woman wore the uniform but she clearly carried her faith as her sword and shield.

"I'm Sorry..." Wilson said softly.

"Don't be... A decline in faith and the influence of the church was to be expected once humans penetrated heaven and found there no angels, no choir eternal or not even a delinquent Seraphin left behind by the general evacuation." she paused as she smiled warmly at Wilson. "Just infinite space... for three hundred years mankind has walked among the stars on legs of fire and steel, daily encountering more profound wonders than the burning bush."

"True... but still there are still a lot of scientists who believe in various forms of god," Wilson explained. "Depending on the world of course," Wilson responded, clearly warming to the conversation.

"Oh sure." The Priest smiled in a disarming fashion. "Physicists have tried to soften the blow with quantum mechanic consolation prizes, noting mysteries yet to be resolved in tiny, subatomic particles who's actions hint at the presence of intelligence, but where in those infinitesimal spaces can be found the God who stopped the sun in the sky over Jericho, parted the red sea, birthed the universe and shaped molecules of dust until their name was man and woman." her smile widened into a grin. "Once we got into space, the deck was stacked and the clock was ticking but that doesn't scare me, I think the church has a few surprises up our sleeve." she then chuckled softly. "As for what those are Lieutenant... I'm not sure but... we will endure.."

"Well... I tend to hope for the best in people Maiev." Wilson responded, addressing her by the name "But my faith in others has been shaken of late." she sighed softly. "My daughter has been placed through a very great amount of strain and... I don't know what to do about it."

The human woman who was lightly tanned had blue eyes and clearly smiled a lot, simply smiled at Wilson. "Take heart in that you do not face your battles alone, god might not be worshipped or even respected on your world but, he watches over you Commander... same as the personnel on this base and the ships patroling the system."

Wilson raised an eyebrow. "I was expecting a more hardline about god from someone such as yourself Maiev."

"Nonsense Lieutenant. I would never dare to press my beliefs upon anyone, it's disrespectful and insulting, I won't do it..."

"Of course my apologies."

"No offense was given Lieutenant Wilson ." The priest commented. "Do not trouble yourself about offending me, I see all sorts of things on this base, from the truly horrific to the truly angelic and I have never needed to leave these halls, floors or walls to go there... "

"How long have you been here?" Wilson inquired.

"I have lived on this starbase for close to nineteen years ago." she shrugged. "Its seem its fair share of ups and downs Lieutenant... but the base has never seemed so alive as it is now." the priest answered, a gentle smile playing on her lips.

Wilson smiled. "Well the early base staff are to be commended for that more than me as I arrived only a few months ago, they did commendable work.."

"Aye, they did." the Priest responded.

"Well... I hate to cut and run but... I do have a few things I need to tend to.."

"I understand, should you desire my council, I will be here in the chapel. and with that, the priest bowed as Wilson bowed likewise. "Thank you." and with that, the two women parted company.
You Woke me for What!? Tienn Quarters - USS Argonne 0100Hrs - August 16th, 2393
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The com system beeped as the young woman's eyes flickered open, she hauled herself to a sitting position as she tapped her combadge with her left hand. "Tienn here, what's the situation?"

"You have an incoming subspace call from the USS Spirit of Winter, it's marked as personal for you." came the unexpected answer. Tienn palmed her clothing as she began to dress while she was getting her explanation, this wasn't an emergency and this was also not a drill either. "Sure... I'll take it, route it to my personal display please."

Tienn moved out of her bedroom and into the main quarters before she moved over to her work station desk that she maintained as a second workspace for her various outlets. She tapped the display once. The screen activated as a young woman appeared before her, she was wearing a Starfleet uniform, she blinked as she sighed. "Durin... What's wrong sweetie?" she sighed, as she was half asleep. Halar brushed the hair out of her eyes as she regarded her big sister.

Tienn Durin had forgotten about the time difference as she had forgotten that Halar was on a different schedule from her. "I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to yank you out of bed." as she sighed.

"No, its fine Durin." the younger woman moaned softly as she let out a sigh. "What's going on?" Halar answered.

"I just got back from my leave, Dad... Walked away from the temple." Durin paused. "I was there and I am not sure I believe what happened," Duran explained, the explanation sounded insane to Halar's ears. "What!" Halar yelled at her elder sister. "Are you kidding me!" she added loudly, now coming fully awake. "I don't believe I am hearing this!" she added. "I can see why you called me... Where is Dad now?" the younger Tienn inquired.

"He's presently staying with Grandmother Jaina," Durin added. "He actually left Bajor and he's-" she explained before Halar sighed. "Shit, I gotta sit down..." she slid her lithe form into the chair at the workstation she maintained in her quarters for occasions such as this. "I cannot believe I'm hearing all this..." she added. "What happened?" Halar demanded of Durin.

Durin knew this was coming so she explained herself. "Well, Dad and aunts Nerra and Iteela got into it a few times, Grandfather Kenris was the one who dealt with the matter... he and dad got into it and Dad was punished in the temple with having his rank stripped and being reduced to the initiate grade, all the while he had a pagh'tem'far from the Prophets telling him to leave the temple. So he dropped his resignation and packed his bags, he only took with him two or three items, he tossed everything else out, then he gave away his private shuttle."

"Sounds like dad has truly lost his mind," Halar answered quietly. "I'll call grandmother Jaina and talk to Dad. it sounds like he and I need to catch up. I'll do that now." Halar's words came out in a jumble.

"Be gentle with him Halar," Durin commented, though to her the idea sounded almost like a statement of lunacy. "Dad's been through a lot." Halar regarded her sibling in silence for a moment as she nodded.

"Okay, thanks Durin, take care of yourself." and with that Halar hung up on Durin, the screen went black before the Federation wreath emblem appeared.

"Am I awake or am I still dreaming..." she paused. "What the fuck!?"
Sun Mother Wilson Quarters - USS Argonne 0700Hrs - August 16th, 2393
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Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson's alarm clock began making loud noises as if the Dominion War had returned and was demanding her instant and immediate attention at right this second, she woke up as her eyes slowly flickered open, she let out a moan as she slowly sat up, her covers spilled from her as she reached over and tapped the 'snooze' button.

"Fuck. I hate this shit..." Wilson growled as she slowly climbed out of bed, she moved into her bathroom to take care of matters before she emerged a few minutes later, now feeling much better and much more awake. Wilson selected a new uniform and she began to don her clothing, moments later she looked almost like a Starfleet officer with the exception of her boots.

Wilson moved past the terminal at her workstation where she often would go to work on some medical issues or where her son would do homework as she picked up her boots. Meanwhile, Kameron was busy pushing the last of his boots into the bag in front of him. "Hey mom, you got mail."

"I do?" Wilson shrugged. "Okay, I'd best read it now before I go on watch." as her son vacated the chair before she slid her lithe form into it. She called up the email and she sighed. "Kam..." she commented addressing her son. "You're not going into school today... Go pack your things as I've been reassigned."

"Reassigned... What?" Kameron asked of her.

"Yeah, as it turns out I didn't need to get up as they are not expecting me to go into work today... I am however required and expected to turn over my assignment to my replacement at noon..." she explained. "Then we leave the ship at that time... I'm being reassigned to the USS Ulysses... She's a Discovery-class large cruiser and she's presently undergoing final fitting out before she departs on her shakedown cruise. She's breathed at Starbase 12."

Kameron paused, suddenly unsure of what exactly to say to his mother. "Oh..." he sighed.

"We didn't bring much with us anyway Kam, so it'll take ten minutes to pack... so I'm going to go back to bed, you are welcome to head back to bed as well or you can do homework if you are so included..." Wilson explained to her son, with that, the young woman retreated into her bedroom before she did exactly what she said she would, going back to bed and within minutes she was asleep after having reset her alarm clock.

The alarm clock went off what seemed like only seconds later as Wilson's eyes snapped open, she sat up and began to repeat the process of doing her clothing but when she emerged from her bedroom, two duffel bags were packed and ready to go, along with a smaller pack. Kameron had been busy as a smile graced her lips. She tugged on her boots before she found her son reading a book while lying on the sofa. "Oh, hey mom. I packed our stuff..."

Wilson smiled. "Thanks, sweetie," she commented. "We leave as soon as I get back okay?"

"Sure mom," Kameron answered in a flat tone of voice, he knew how this game was played and he hated it. Wilson knew her son hated it but she could not help the matter before them. she turned and departed a moment later.
Sleet and Snow Sickbay - USS Argonne 1200Hrs - August 16th, 2393
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The set of double doors opened to sickbay as Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson entered into sickbay for the last time, she had never really unpacked her office as she went directly there, rather than stop to talk to anyone, she then picked up the one item that she always unpacked first to make the space hers and it was the last to be put away when she was leaving an assignment. It was a picture of her husband who had died while protecting her while at a house-=party while they were both at the academy, they had been married less than six months and he had died saving her from someone who had gone on a rampage after having too much to drink, Wilson had killed her attacker in return while he tried to kill her.

Nobody had wanted to press for charges or a conviction on her, much less anything else to do with the event, she had named her son after her dead husband and she had tried to move on while picking up the pieces of her life. Her son looked very much like a younger version of her husband, save for his skin tone which was something he had gotten from Wilson herself, everything else he had gotten from his dad.

"Ummm... Excuse me, Doctor?" A young woman wearing the same rank as her, with her hair down to the nape of her collar.

"Mmmm.." Wilson looked up, her reverie interrupted. She didn't know who the other woman was. "Yes. Can I help you?"

"I'm sorry. I'm Nalla Fordragon, I'm... well I'm your replacement." the young woman introduced herself.

"Ahh," Wilson answered as she roe to her feet. "Come on in... I didn't know you were here already..." she commented evenly as she gently shook the other woman's hand with her own, in the human style. "Welcome aboard..." she added with a what was hopefully a decent smile.

"Thanks, Doctor, I was told that you had left already..." Fordragon answered. "But its good to meet you all the same... Are there any concerns I should know about?"

"Nope, I only got here myself about four days ago..." Wilson explained evenly. "I've not even unpacked yet..." she admitted.

"I understand. Still, I'm sorry that has happened to you." Fordragon answered quietly. "Still, You do not have to like or tolerate this level of stupidity from Starfleet Operations."

"It's of no consequence. Hopefully, my son will not cause the issue to arise on my next posting..." Wilson paused as she quickly made her decision. "If it does then I'll stick in for assignment to a Starbase."

Fordragon nodded her head in a gentle manner. "Very wise," she answered. "Take care of yourself alright."

"Medical is yours..." Wilson commented quietly as she nodded at the other woman. "Take care of these guys... I never got to know them..,. but you might." and with that, Wilson went around the other woman before she departed in silence.
Off On The Wrong Foot Star Base 112 current
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Naomi looked out over the other ships docked at the star base as she waited in the lobby. A yeoman came out of an office suite.

"Colonel, the Admiral will see you now." He informed Naomi.

She nodded and entered the office. An well dressed officer sat at his desk. He was looking over a PADD and didn't acknowledge Naomi as she entered.

Naomi stood in front of Sidwell's desk for a moment before speaking up. "Hello Admiral. You wanted to see me?" She asked.

"Your ship is becoming a burden to my command." Sidwell curtly replied, without looking up at Locke.

"Excuse me?" Naomi asked.

"First, you bring an obsolete ship to my sector. Then, while still docked, your ship had an accident in port. Finally, your ship has failed to leave port on your shake down cruise. Can you explain this, Lieutenant Colonel?" Sidwell asked in a condescending fashion.

Noami was a little taken aback. "First off, the Argonne is hardly obsolete. The Akira class still has a lot of firepower. There are only a few of the new classes of ships and they are mostly getting assigned to the Taurus Reach sector." Naomi replied.

Sidwell snorted at Naomi's answer.

"The accident was caused by a disturbance on the shuttle. There were no serious casualties and no significant damage done. The perpetrators are in the brig and will be dealt with." Locke informed Sidwell.

"The shuttle pilot and you, the ship's captain, are ultimately responsible for the ship's safety. If there are any more accident's, I will hold you responsible." Sidwell told Naomi. "I also want your pilot grounded until her abilities are judged again."

"I will not ground the pilot." Locke defied Sidwell's order. "I only have a third of my crew. That's why the Argonne hasn't left port. There aren't enough personnel to run the ship. I'm especially short of senior officers. When we get are crew we will be only to happy to get out of your station, Admiral."

"Those are just excuses, Lieutenant Colonel." Sidwell shot back. "You have enough personnel to run your ship. Your ship does not have a critical assignment here. Your ship and crew are only meant to act as an ablative defense for the station. Nothing more. Besides, you have a lot of cadets coming aboard. That should work for the limited tasks of the Argonne."

"But they're just cadets. They just have limited training and zero experience. You know that." Naomi accused Sidwell.

"None the less, the Argonne will leave this station in less than seventy two hours for her shake down cruise. If that is beyond your abilities I'll have you removed from command and I'll assign a real Star Fleet officer to captain the Argonne."

"What!" Naomi's face turned red. "You don't have that authority. And I'm just as much of a real Star Fleet officer as any one else in your command, that includes you."

Sidwell finally stood up and took a more aggressive tone. "Now you look here, I can remove any officer from command I see fit. I have the ear of Star Fleet Command, not you!" Sidwell shouted. "And your not a real Star Fleet officer. Your a goon that some buffoon decided to put in a command chair for some odd experiment that Star Fleet decided to conduct. Your wasting your time here. I suggest you get back to your little ship and get it ready for duty, no matter how insignificant that your duty may be. Out of my office, Marine."

Rise, Lord Vader - Part One Operations Offices - Deck Six - USS Argonne 0900Hrs - August 17th, 2393
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Lieutenant JG Olivia Phobos regarded the dozen or so cadets before her, she had no idea whatsoever of why there were a dozen cadets assigned for a cadet cruise aboard this ship but clearly, nobody had deigned to inform her of various details like this. What only made her angrier was the fact that that some of the male and female cadets were giving her when they figured she wasn't looking.

Phobos hated people who looked at her like she was a slab of meat or that they were thirsty and she was a keg of warnog or their refreshment of choice. "Cadets.." she raised her voice, suddenly they all returned their attention to the far wall, where honestly their attention belonged.

Phobos was sorely tempted to hang up a picture of an Orion female. wearing only a pair of shorts as she was sitting away from the camera, a smile suddenly graced her lips. "Tell me, cadets... Why are you here?" she decided to try simple.

The response she got back was rather disappointing.

"Cadets. I will not ask again... Why are you here?" Phobos tried a second time.

The responses she got back were all muddled as everyone tried talking over each other, Phobos sighed. "Silence!" and she was instantly obeyed.

"Now.. let's try something else," Phobos commented. "I am not a teacher, nor did I wish to become one... However, I have been asked to teach ... you something about Operations... How it works... How it lives and how the system goes in and comes back out." she looked around the room. "Are there any questions.?" The Human female inquired

"Yes... Are Human females-" was as far as he got before he was silenced.

Phobos facepalmed. "Silence!" she barked. "Hopeless cadet," she shouted at him before she regarded the offender with his piercing stare, it didn't help that she was wearing makeup as black as night which added to her looks. "Troop leader?"

"Yes, El Tee?" Warrant Officer 5th Class Paige McEntee responded, she had kept silent throughout the entire ordeal as she was junior in rank to the Lieutenant before her but she was also thirty-eight years old and senior to most.

"Take this cadet and ... Deal with him please for his lack of respect." Phobos responded in a light tone of voice. "Before I end up murdering him.."

"Willdo," McEntee responded as she regarded the cadet. "You. Outside... Now." The cadet fled before the wrath of both women. McEntee turned and followed him out the door as Phobos gave the assembled cadets a long, dark glare that was pure hate and malice. "You cadets think you have it easy?. You think I'm cute and you think I'm funny?..."

One snickered as Phobos pointed at him. "You... drop and give me fifty, now."

The cadet simply stepped forward, before he dropped to his hands and feet and began doing push-ups. "Youth is wasted on the young.." she growled softly. "Now I've read all of your files... Some of you have excellent careers ahead of you, assuming you don't screw things up.. Others, not so much... I have no need to mention names... as everyone present knows who they are.." as she gave every single last cadet assembled a rather evil glare. "and the next person who decides to hit on me in public or privately will go back to the academy, with my recommendation that he or she be dismissed from Starfleet with immediate effect."

The now much-chastised cadet from earlier resumed his place in the lineup as Phobos spoke. "Now... We are at war... Those of you who do not wish to go on that journey, we will not send you... As for the rest of you... I expect you to learn what I have to teach you and when we meet the enemy we will rock their world... wipe them out, if it comes to that.." as she looked around while she breathed out and then in again. "Warrant?"

"Alright. We will break into the usual section details... Four teams, of course, one per shift and you'll rotate once a week...." McEntee explained. "For a total period of two months, barring any issues are problems that arise in the meantime."

"Thank you Warrant... You can divide them how you wish." Phobos explained before she tapped one of the cadets in the center of his chest. "Leave this one... I will attend to his education... myself." as Phobos rewarded his apprehensive look with a malicious one.
Rise, Lord Vader - Part Two Operations Offices - Deck Six - USS Argonne 0915Hrs - August 17th, 2393
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"Thank you Warrant... You can divide them how you wish." Phobos explained before she tapped one of the cadets in the center of his chest. "Leave this one... I will attend to his education... myself." as Phobos rewarded his apprehensive look with a malicious one.

The Ensign had been the one to physically hit on her earlier, he swallowed nervously but otherwise didn't say anything.

"Yes, El Tee. He's all yours for Alpha Watch." McEntee responded with a smile.

"Thank you." Phobos waited for the Warrant to finish her task of dividing the cadets up among their various assignments. "Parker. you got section one. Walker. you got two and O'Malley. you got three." she paused. "This leaves... you cadet..." as she regarded a massive Klingon male who was easily twice McEntee's size and mass. "Try not to kill anyone big guy."

K'Nar peered down at her. "I will try." he paused. "If I fail. I will return the body intact.."

"That's not very reassuring," McEntee responded. "You need to work on your sense of humor."

"My sense of humor doesn't need work. I do not see the funny side of my work Warrant Officer."

"All the same. Work at it... Even my youngest doesn't vex me so." McEntee responded evenly. "and she's worse then T'Reya my eldest..."

Phobos had no words for that as she watched the smaller woman dish out the various PADD's to her assigned team leaders. "You all got your assignments." she said in a tone of finality "Lieutenant?"

"Dismissed cadets... Try not to offend the crew or it'll be the cat for you all." Phobos then smiled sweetly. "Stick around handsome.." she regarded the cadet who was hitting on her earlier. "You want to know something about Human females. I will attend to you personally."

Phobos paused as she regarded him. "Do you have a tongue?... I mean can you speak at all?" Phobos responded as she handed him a PADD. "Your assignment will be as my aide. You will assist me with my work and make yourself useful in NOT hitting on me in public, ever again.."

"Do I dare ask what this will entail?" the man spoke up.

"So the Tree speaks..." Phobos responded. "Son. You have got a heck of a lot to learn, however... You are not a lost cause. See that you do not become one... Now.. We have a lot to do and three days to get it done... So.. Bring a PADD and a smile... You will need plenty of both... Let's go, chop chop.." and with that, she went out the door, her new aide following her.

"Stop staring at my ass!" Phobos added a moment later.

"Uhh... I wasn't."

"UhHuh," Phobos responded from down the hall. "Keep up Samwise... Let's go." as she walked ou the door and down the hallway towards her next destination.
We Go Our Orders USS Argonne, Hangar Bay current
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"You did a fine job piloting the shuttle, Lieutenant. If you're not careful I'll have you reassigned to conn." Stonne complimented Phobos.

"Yeah, nice job," Devlin added.

Phobos smiled. "I'll try not to take that too personally," she commented. "I prefer maintaining computer systems, not looking after the ships heading."

"Argonne to shuttle: you have clearance to land. Park your shuttle in space C-4, please." A female voice came over the comm system.

"Thank you Argonne," Stonne replied.

As the shuttle entered the bay, there was a small party of station techs repairing the inner hold.

"Is that where we had the accident?" Devlin asked.

"I think so. It doesn't look too bad." Stonne replied.

Phobos chipped in. "Well... I was expecting far worse to be honest..." she admitted.

As the shuttle came to its resting place, a lone figure was waiting for them.

"Is that a Klingon in that marine uniform?" Devlin wanted to confirm what he saw.

"Yeah, I think that's our skipper. I heard from the scuttlebutt she was a marine. Now it's confirmed." Stonne told Devlin.

Phobos sighed. "Kill me now," she muttered.

The passengers disembarked from the shuttle.

"Welcome aboard." Naomi greeted them.

"Thank you, Colonel." Stonne stumbled.

"Naomi smiled a little. "That's okay Commander. You'll get used to it." She then turned to Olivia. "Hello, you must be Lieutenant Phobos?"

Phobos nodded. "Aye sir..." the young woman answered. "Its good to be aboard Colonel."

"Glad to hear that." Locke smiled at Phobos. "I do have a bit of news. The station commander wants us out of port in..." Naomi checked her PADD, "Sixty five hours. At 0700 hours tomorrow we will get the crew organized for her shakedown cruise. Commander Stonne, you'll liaison with the star base about preparations. Lieutenant Phobos, have operations ready. There is a unit of cadets coming aboard, use them. Chief Devlin, you will work with Gunnery Sergeant Hopkins about the ship's security. You will also need to ensure the ship's weapons are operational within acceptable parameters. Get settled in and get some rest, your going to need it."

Phobos nodded her head. "Aye Skipper, Ops will be ready. Or else its the plank for them." she answered.

Checking in Main Bridge / Captains Ready Room - USS Argonne 0800Hrs - August 17th, 2393
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All in all, it was a normal day on the USS Argonne, asides from the accident in the hanger that had taken place on the previous day, now the new Chief Medical Officer was on her way to report in, the turbolift doors opened and out stepped a smaller than average human-looking female, she had plenty of TNA and she also tended to stand out in a crowd. Lieutenant Nalla Fordragon looked around before she moved to the ready room door, she tapped the doorchime once.

"Come in." Lieutenant Colonel Locke answered.

Fordragon tapped the door release button, the door opened and she went in. "Lieutenant Nalla Fordragon, reporting for duty sir." she addressed the larger woman before her, she was unsure of how to address her, so Fordragon decided to go with what worked. "Permission to speak freely sir?"

"Of course Lieutenant. I prefer all my officers speak openly about any concerns." Locke assured Fordragon.

"How does a marine get to command a ship of the line?" Fordragon answered evenly. "I am a little confused... Do you prefer Colonel or Captain..." she added.
"Also, doing the crew's physicals will be an exercise in frustration, half the crew doesn't seem to want to be around me and the other half got theirs done by my predecessor."

"That's quiet a few concerns Doctor." Locke replied. "First, I have command experience in the KDF. After I returned to Star Fleet higher ups decided I was qualified to be an executive officer. I proved myself able and now Star Fleet has graced me with the command of a star ship."

"I prefer Colonel but Captain would still b correct as that is the title of my position." Locke told Fordragon.

"Finally, your the CMO. You have the right an duty to examine any member of this crew, myself included. Anyone that doesn't want to comply will be left at the star base." She told the doctor.

"Will we be able to carry out that threat?" Fordragon inquired. "Or will the evil king of numbers make you his bitch for it?" Fordragon answered bluntly. One could argue she said it in a crass and insulting manner but Nalla knew of the Commander of the Starbase and how he operated. Needless to say, she did not like him in the least.